We are breeders of Japanese Bobtail Cats located in northern Indiana, USA. Our purebred Japanese Bobtail Cats are TCA registered. Please feel free to email us if you would like to drop us a line. We enjoy hearing from other Japanese Bobtail Cat enthusiasts to talk about each other's extended four-legged family.



This ancient breed of cat that surfaced during the sixth century is playful, intelligent, beautiful, and affectionate. They are a very hardy and agile breed.

The most notable trait is the tail that measures three inches or less as with the 2" tail on our male, Kyoto's Meganehebi of Megumi.

The Japanese Bobtail breed has been in the U.S. since the 1960s. Since then they have captured the hearts of many enthusiasts.


We don't always have cats or kittens available for placement, but when we do they will be placed on our site. We strive for that perfect bi-color -van coat, but as genetics go, solid colors and tabbies can and will be produced as well. Many Japanese Bobtail Cat breeders and enthusiasts now share the same opinion that, while the mi-ke or calico used to be most popular, today all colors are seen as equally acceptable.


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